I Recall A Women Puzzle

i recall a women puzzle
but the pieces don’t fit
i recall a women puzzle
think i’m gonna quit

one had freckles
all liked horses
one had a crooked nose
and one studied law

three had blonde hair
one had a wry tooth
none were vegetarian
one wore cowboy boots

all had two feet
one was a girl scout
one was in a therapy
three should’ve been

two were teachers
one was a mother
for one i was the second one
for one just another

three called all the time
one had a silly sister
five built sand castles
two came like the flood

two i lived with
one saved her hide
one committed suicide
and one is still my pride

one admired townes
all hated country music
one knit me a muffler
all lived on their father’s bucks

one cooked chinese
two had no car
two were a frost
the last one’s a fortune so far

so i’m gonna go on puzzlin all day
revealing the motif bit by bit
i’m gonna find me a seventh next
might be i’ll never quit it