My Horse Smelt The Water

she sat in this cafe
reading catcher in the rye
she tipped over her espresso
classy way to catch an eye

i crossed over to her table
i came out of my shell
my horse smelt the water
and i longed for the well

didn’t eat with my fingers
didn’t tap on her knees
i floated like a butterfly
she stung me like a bee

we found a nice bistro
she cast a spell
my horse smelt the water
i set out for the well

at home she got drunk
i got a little tired too
when i woke up she was gone
without any ballyhoo

for you that may sound funny
for me it was hell
my horse smelt the water
but it couldn’t find the well

this could have been the end
but she came back with two cups
one filled with latte
the other endless love

and the moral of the story
as we pass it down the road
if your horses smell the water
trust em