Nobody Wants To Hear The Truth

(c) All songs written by Smartin Winner.
Recorded along the rivers Dolores, Guadelupe, Inn and Main.
Willi Ehms Records, 2018.


nobody wants to hear the truth
nobody wants to wash the dishes
nobody wants to feed the fishes
nobody wants to shine their shoes
nobody wants to hear the truth

wooden music
i like to live in my wooden house
i never leave
i like to make wooden music
and i play

pink river
grandpa took his hat off
as he entered the door
but he always kept his boots on
that had led him through the war

i’m just a travelin salesman
i’m just a travelin salesman
with a wife and a kid at home i rarely see
from time to time i meet a woman
i’d love to hold
and truth be told
there are some i held
but none i held as dearly as my wife

i recall a women puzzle
i recall a women puzzle
but the pieces don’t fit
i recall a women puzzle
think i’m gonna quit

fire lane, no parking
fire lane, no parking
said the tattoo above her hips
a blue and red example
of her craziness and wits

ali was the greatest
there’s the tallest man on earth
but for robert wadlow’s shoes
there just ain’t been no berth

internal bleedings
let‘s have a last drink before xmas
was what tina torrent suggested
and so we left the office
because what tina said was law

my horse smelt the water
she sat in this cafe
reading catcher in the rye
she tipped over her espresso
classy way to catch an eye

you’re too beautiful for this train
maybe a plane approaching paris
the eiffel tower in sight
or a convertible in california
red, the sea to the right

edith keeler
peaceful and social
beautiful and clever
living in the city
on the edge of forever
edith keeler must die

ridin on a moscow mule
martin, rudy and jake
climbed a mountain
swam a lake
they got hungry
and thirsty too
it was time
to ride the moscow mule

all i’m doin is sleepin
shoulda been readin
all i’m doin is sleepin
met her round midnight
stayed up til morn

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