war on drugs (ramble)

i came to understand it
it‘s over
like when your son is drunk for the first time
or your daughter brought home a boyfriend

sitting in this hotel bed
drinking a rare bottle of texan red wine
after another day full of meaningless chats with women i don‘t love at all

listening to the war on drugs
they have this great line about not being able to shake the hand without breaking it
glass, oh i know glass, how to hold it and how easily it breaks

i know the woman i love is happy, a rare thing
she‘s doing what she should have done a long time ago
and she‘s doing it with someone else, of course

she‘s in the arms of the right guy, right now
a stronger man than me, a fighter
a man who loves with the will to own, not a loser who loves with the will to set free

she‘s so happy and i‘m so happy to hear this
it‘s an expensive 24th floor room
but you can’t open the windows, at least not without violence

as steve young said
when free things are owned they just wither and die
i didn’t try to own you only for me, just know that i love you and my love is free

it‘s dark outside, occasional traffic noise, the tv‘s on, flickering
to the rhythm of a wildlife documentary, or two, or three in a row
aren‘t we all rabbits

john lennon said: whatever gets you through the night, it‘s alright
paul westerberg: whatever makes you happy is okay
josh ritter: joy to you baby, wherever you are tonight

the greek: wise men, free men
you‘re gone tonight, you‘re happy, i love you
i can‘t open the windows anyway, it‘s alright

that reminds me of free man, happy man mike williams who said
you know that i‘m not jealous it never did no good for anyone
when the party lights are shining i want you to go and have your fun

be there in the morning if that’s not too much to ask of one who’s free
and let me wake to find you here with me
mike williams was a wise guy, but this situation is quite different, i know

just like townes i could promise i‘ll be here in the morning
but you‘re far away in a town i‘ve never been to
and we won‘t meet again soon because i have to let you go

i had to let you go
free woman, woman i love, will you ever understand what that means
it was a high-rise hotel on purpose, i like the views you know

i’m still listening to the war on drugs
they have these long songs, and i’m thinking of a place
and it feels so very real, oh it was so full of love