you dont belong here freddie (come home)

ding a ling
ching a ling

woke up, middle of the day
everybody had decided to stay
vodka bottles, delicacies to eat
downers, uppers, weed and speed

tried to remember, tried to forget
nails in my nose, saws through my temples
water, water, i‘m so thirsty
my skull bones shift like on my birthday

voices thunder, lightning strikes
a mighty snow quall coming down the pike
mirror, mirror, all is vanity
is this still music or is it gravity

ding a ling, ching a ling
far behind the fog a door bell rings
up a steep turn, cross the floor
bloody tips, crawling on all fours

i know this face, i remember this voice
smell of hay and wooden toys
two children on a lawn chasing butterflies
she looks at me and utters a sigh

she stroked my cheek, i felt so ashamed
panting, half naked, no reason, no aim
the room turned silent, i got sober in a snap
as she whispered the words i‘ll never forget

you dont belong here freddie
come home
you dont belong here freddie
come home
come home
come home
come home
come come come come
come home